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How to arrange your commercial move

We prefer to send an experienced surveyor to assess the size of any commercial moving job. The survey is absolutely free of charge if you are located within the M25 zone. The operative will discuss with you the logistics of your commercial relocation and explain all the whats and hows that the commercial removals process may involve.

Soon after, you will receive a free quote with no obligation to commit either over the phone or via email. To confirm your interest in our removals company and book a service for a day of your convenience, contact our customer care team 24/7.

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You will need to arrange a valid parking spot prior to moving day. Office moving and other commercial moves often require the use of more than one van, so it’s best if you contact your Council to help you with the parking. Upon arrival, the technicians will pack your movable property, from office furniture to IT equipment (if you’ve combined the service with our packing solutions) and will load and secure everything properly into the vans.

Note that only a few business clients choose to do the packing themselves. Keep in mind that your items will be insured during the move only if our movers do the packing.

Whether you are moving offices across boroughs in London or your business is relocating to a different city in the UK, Fantastic Removals is always at your service. Your goods, equipment and furniture will be transported with care to the delivery destination so that your stuff arrives intact.

The experienced movers will take the most direct route to the new address by using their modern GPS systems. Also, you will be eligible for some nice discounts if you book multiple removals services (ex: several of your employees are relocating, too). We will do our best to personalise our moving solutions to save you time, money and hassle.

At the delivery location, the Fantastic pros will park near the property, assuming that you’ve provided them with a valid parking spot. They will unload and place each item and box on your new premises. The diligent technicians will follow closely your instructions and position every piece of furniture or equipment where you want them to.

Upon request, they can help you unpack, as well as assemble items that have been dismantled prior to loading. Should you need any further assistance with your commercial relocation, you can contact our office and we’ll be happy to help.

What makes our commercial removals so convenient

Secure and insured move

When it comes to relocating your office, safety is the most important aspect. You don’t have to worry about your removals experience with Fantastic Removals. No matter if you are moving your business from one town to another or want to book our international removals, your belongings are in the safe hands of the removal specialists who have public liability insurance.

Modern equipment and tools

When Fantastic Removals relocates your personal belongings, it’s done with only well-maintained and regularly serviced vehicles. The removalists drive Transit and Luton vans, equipped with tail lifts for smooth and safe loading and unloading. Thanks to our large cargo capacity of the moving vans, we will be able to transport all of your belongings safely and at affordable moving van costs.

A complete solution for your move

Whether you require an overnight move, packing and storage services for your work equipment, or moving boxes delivery, Fantastic Removals is here to help you. We offer easy to schedule commercial removals services performed by dedicated specialists. We can complete small and large office removals or more complicated business relocation services such as piano removals, depending on your needs.

Video survey

If you happen to need our removals services for a bigger commercial property, we have a video survey option. Through this information, we can accurately calculate the price of your service. You will just have to show us via the camera on your mobile device all your belongings in all the premises. The survey may be scheduled for the most appropriate time and date for you.

What makes our office removals so convenient

Your office relocation can be completed outside business hours to ensure that it’s done with minimum disruption of your daily operations. This means that you can request a weekend, a public holiday or an overnight office furniture removal service with us so that your IT equipment and office furniture are transported, unloaded and ready for use in time for the next working day. Skilled and trained office movers will do the job, ensuring a smooth office relocation in Cyprus. We know that sometimes business relocation requires more time, that’s why you can rely on our business storage and document storage service where you can keep your belongings safe for as long as you need.

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Bonus tip: Inform employees of the office move

Make sure to inform the whole staff, including the distant workers, of the move at least 1 or 2 months before the move. They need time to prepare for this step as well as to take care of their personal desks. Check out our blog post on office move communication.

Fantastic Removals also provides internal moves in Greater London, within the perimeter of M25. Whether you require a partial move between different departments, an entire call centre unit shifted to another floor or you are simply expanding and need to furnish a new office, we can help. The removals pros will move the furniture, IT and office presentation equipment carefully to the designated space and position them following your specific instructions. Make the first steps by going through our professional moving checklist.

Bonus tip: Plan the re-design

Make an inside survey on what the staff doesn’t like in the current office and want to be changed at the new one. Use the information to craft the interior design plan for the new office environment before it gets too late.

Not all commercial relocations can be planned with a tight and clear schedule in mind. So, customers who need to vacate their premises and wait until their new office becomes available can take advantage of our short-term storage or long-term storage services. The business storage facilities provide security for your items, equipment and goods through 24/7 CCTV surveillance and monitoring. We also offer refunds if circumstances change and you need to collect your belongings earlier than pre-empted. The minimum storage space rental period is one week.

Bonus tip: Send change of address notifications

Notify customers and business clients of your move. Send email notifications at least 1 month in advance before changing your address. This way you will avoid business clients and customers coming to your old address, you will also receive mail from them at the right place. Check out our change of address checklist blog post.

We relocate businesses from various industry sectors, including warehouses, libraries, food service facilities and retail spaces. Our commercial moving company also specialises in fine art and antique removals solutions. Valuable items and artefacts will be packed, handled, transported and unloaded with extra care and under full insurance. So, whether you run an art dealers business, own a gallery or manage a museum, we can help you should you need to relocate.

Bonus tip: Prepare the IT hardware

Leave this work for the last day at the office to avoid disruption of the work environment. When the workday is over, shut down all hardware and carefully label all wiring and other components for easier unpacking afterwards.

We’ll start with a survey of the property to figure out the “size” of your move. Then we will provide with the adequate moving power, as many vehicles and movers necessary. And keep in mind that we can handle the packing as well, providing you with sturdy packing materials.

Also, you will find that the movers are quite handy, bringing their own tools in order to dissemble some of the larger furniture items to ease their move. And we can even arrange an End of Tenancy cleaning for the place you are about to vacate. Of course, we will take care of the move to the next address. But in case you have not arranged the new location of your business, then we can also provide you with a storage service.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Can you move very heavy items?

A: Yes. We will send reliable movers who can lift heavy furniture and equipment that weigh up to 80 kg. Anything heavier will require dismantling which means the job will take longer to complete. Mind that this might affect your moving costs.

Q: What are the things that you don’t move?

A: We do not move any building and hazardous materials, as well as pets. Also, when it comes to commercial moves, we do not move company servers

Q: Do you relocate offices to Cyprus from other locations?

A: Yes. Presently, we serve residential and commercial clients, located in Manchester and Liverpool, who wish to be relocated anywhere in the UK, including Cyprus.

Q: Can I purchase any packing material from you?

A: Yes. We can supply you with quality boxes, insulation material and labels prior to moving day.

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