How to protect floors and carpets when moving

Protecting your floors and carpets during the relocation process is very important, and we split them in three types:

  • First type of protection for your floors and carpets on Moving day is cantered on the prevention of heavy items being dragged along the floor or being dropped onto your hardwood, tiled or carpeted floors. This first floor protection is more indirect in nature but it is still crucial to keeping your floors and carpets damage-free throughout the move.
  • Second type of floor protection is direct and strictly physical. The basic idea here is to cover your floors and carpets with various kinds of protective materials so that no damage whatsoever can get to them.
  • The third type of floor protection is to trust that task to TPC Movers professionals who know to avoid property damage of any kind. Our experienced movers use various techniques to guarantee that your floors and carpets will stay intact and 100% safe during the move.

While TPC Movers representatives are at your home, accessing the actual moving costs and judging any potential moving day difficulties, don’t forget to ask them what specific measures they will take to protects the floors and carpets on the day of the move. They will be more than happy to assist you with every concern .